Wholesale Distributors Insurance

Wholesale Distributors Insurance and What it Means

The wholesale distribution industry is currently undergoing a bit of a face lift. In order to address the new wave of customers and supply chains that wholesale distributors continually serve, virtually every type of distribution company has had to make changes. To keep current with their market, distribution companies have had to become quicker and more efficient, while facing tougher delivery requirements and cost justification demands.

Harrington Insurance Agency understands the demands of the wholesale distribution industry. We have found that only by learning about the structure and practices of wholesale distributors can we account for the increasingly complex challenges you face. Whether you supply raw material to a plastic company, building supplies to contractors, or food to restaurant chains, Harrington Insurance Agency can provide you with insurance coverage tailored to meet your unique needs.

For companies whose bottom line depends on moving goods into the customer’s hands efficiently and cost effectively, Harrington Insurance Agency can search the country to create customized policies to protect all aspects of your business. Whether you are searching for liability, property, auto or workers’ compensation insurance, we can provide you with the protection you need at the rate you deserve.

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