Commercial Vehicle Insurance for Your Business

There are many factors that go into purchasing Commercial Vehicle Insurance for your business and Harrington Insurance Agency understands that. Do you have fleet vehicles? Do you have semi trucks, service vans, or delivery trucks? Do your employees use their personal cars? Do your employees use company cars for business and personal use? No matter the size or type of business, we can write an insurance policy to fit your needs. We will take the time to help you understand your policy and what is covered, so you feel protected and safe.

Driving Himself to Distraction

Company Car insurance for your business“George,” a Harrington Insurance client, and the proud owner of a brand new $45,000 luxury company car, had just pulled out of his service center’s parking lot on the outskirts of Monterey, California. He was on his way to visit a major customer located in town and was worried that one of his big competitors was pitching this customer.

As he drove out of the parking lot, George was even more distracted; it had started to rain and, since he wasn’t familiar with the car yet, he couldn’t find the windshield wiper lever. While he fiddled with some knobs in a vain attempt to turn the wipers on, he hit two other cars and totaled his own. The damages to the other cars alone amounted to $15,000.

George had also forgotten to let Harrington Insurance know that he had just bought the new car – and most insurance companies require commercial clients to notify the broker immediately when they buy a new vehicle. He could have been out of pocket $60,000.

“Instead, George was completely covered for everything because he was fortunate to have an excellent carrier,” says Steve Harrington. “He is a commercial client with a great record and was eligible for our ‘preferred status’—the best coverage available – and he went with it. Even better, the insurance company didn’t cancel him after the claim or raise his rates; their philosophy is that everyone has an accident at some point.”

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