Errors and Omissons Insurance and How it All Works

Errors and Omissions Insurance protects businesses and companies if a client or customer believes that you failed to provide a service or product or if they believe that product or service did not live up to their expectations. To be realistic, everyone makes some sort of mistake over time so being prepared with proper insurance is the best solution.

A wrong part was delivered, leading to your customers expensive machinery completely breaking down, resulting in huge financial loss. Who pays for those losses? A wedding florist mistakenly uses a flower, that the bride is highly allergic to, in her bouquet and she has to be taken to the emergency room. Who pays for the medical expenses?

No matter the size of the company, no matter the job – Errors and Omissions Insurance is there to protect you not IF those mistakes are made, but WHEN those mistakes are made.

Harrington Insurance has the Errors and Omissions Insurance to meet your needs!

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