Time for a Major Tune-Up

“Frank” was frustrated. It was almost impossible to directly connect with his insurance agent and he was sick of getting the runaround in the company’s voicemail tree. All he wanted was a few minutes to get some burning questions answered about his auto repair business.Liability Insurance for auto repair and truck repair service shops
Asking friends if they knew of a more responsive insurance agency, he found his way to Harrington Insurance. Pleasantly surprised that a real broker answered his call, he asked for a risk assessment of his shop. What Steve Harrington found during his review of both the business and the current policy made Frank very angry because he realized his business had been extremely vulnerable and underinsured. His auto repair shop had no coverage for his employees’ tools, for his customers’ cars—or for his employees while driving his customers’ cars, to name just a few of the gaps.
“Frank was tremendously relieved when he saw that we had the expertise to review what he currently had and to make everything right,” says Steve. “And by the way, our staff has direct phone lines, and a real human being always answers every call during business hours.”

Garage Auto and Truck Repair Insurance

Auto and Truck Repair shops have unique insurance demands.
Liability for this type of business is different than other businesses because it must include the exposures of not only day-to-day operation of the shop, but also coverage while driving customers vehicles and after the vehicles have been worked on.
Property coverage is expanded from other industries to include the building, if necessary, the shop owners’ tools and equipment but also the employees’ tools and equipment. Tool boxes and the tools inside them are very expensive and need proper insurance coverage.
Garage Keepers or Garage Owners coverage is comprehensive and includes collision coverage for the customers’ vehicle while in the shops’ possession. Coverage ranges from $60,000 to over $10,000,000, if necessary. Should there be a fire, theft or collision while driving the customers’ vehicle, this is where damage to the vehicle will cover the loss.

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