Why You Need General Liability Insurance For Your Business

General Liability Insurance, also known as Commercial General Business Liability, protects your company’s assets. It protects against liability claims for bodily injury (BI), property damage (PD) caused on the premises, operations and products that may not be covered elsewhere, and completed operations in addition to advertising and personal injury (PI) for accidents that occur on your property.

“Here Comes the… Crane?”

Liability Insurance for businessesIt was 8:30 on a weeknight at the bridal and tuxedo store where owners “Roberta” and “Peter” had proudly built their business for decades. A storm with high winds was raging outside, but inside, the shop was quiet and a few customers were still browsing the racks. Suddenly a construction crane fell through the ceiling with a huge roar, crushing and destroying a number of display racks laden with the gowns brides-to-be dream about. Luckily no people were hurt. Much of the other merchandise, however, was soaked by the fire sprinklers that subsequently went off. A contractor who was using a crane to lift heavy equipment onto the roof to replace the building’s air conditioning had left it unsecured. The storm’s high winds had blown the crane over and it crashed through the building.

Harrington Insurance clients Roberta and Peter felt devastated as well. There were literally hundreds of things they needed to do immediately to deal with the disaster, including renting a new storefront, moving whatever wasn’t damaged there, purchasing replacement merchandise and attempting to dry out sopping wet formal wear. The very next day, an insurance adjuster flew in from Washington state and, on the spot, wrote the couple a $50,000 check to help them move the merchandise and hire extra help to salvage what they could. More reimbursements followed over the next ten days to help them at every stage of recovery.

Wedding dresses on a rack“All of us consider a claim our best chance to give the client what they pay for,” says Steve Harrington. “Whether it’s immediate monetary relief for the bridal store, connecting another client with an insurance company’s legal department, or seeing to it that a client gets full value when their car is totaled in an accident or theft, we pride ourselves on the best service anywhere.”

Three months later, the couple had been reimbursed 100 percent for their $1,050,000 loss. The comprehensive policy supplied by Harrington Insurance covered not only the clothing but salaries for key employees, the income of the owners and all the extra expenses of moving and drying everything out. “Roberta and Peter have become friends because we worked so hard for them,” says Steve Harrington. “We still have dinner together four or five times a year.”

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