What Exactly is Landlord Insurance?

Landlord Insurance is important for property owners or property managers of apartment buildings, condos or any other rental or multi-family residences. No matter the size of the unit, it is important for you to have the coverage that is needed to protect your assets as the owner of the property. Harrington Insurance has the experience needed to write you a customized policy that will protect what you need to be covered under your landlord insurance policy.

It’s In Your Best Interest

Insurance for landlords on single family houses“Martin” owns seven single family homes that he rents out. He had remained with one insurance company for more than ten years, paying out tens of thousands of dollars to cover the rentals. Then, in one year, he had three claims on his properties, all legitimate (a broken pipe in one instance), with claims that totaled only $10,000. Fearing that Martin would have numerous claims from that time forward, the insurance company he had been with cancelled his policy.

Upset and disappointed that his original insurance company had shown no loyalty to him after a decade of claimless years, Martin sought help from Harrington Insurance. Harrington Insurance not only found another insurance company to write him an insurance policy for all of his rental property but he also received lower rates than what he had been paying before.

What Can be Covered with Landlord Insurance?

There is a wide range of coverages that can be included with this type of insurance including:

Harrington Insurance works hard to ensure all your property and liability concerns are properly addressed for every type of landlord no matter how small or large your property. Your real estate investments deserve the very best possible protection, they deserve Harrington Insurance Agency!

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