All That Goes into Restaurant Insurance

If customers only knew the kind of time and effort that goes into providing a quality dining experience, they would include a gratuity for the owners as well. The number of liability concerns is so terrifically high, it puts other businesses – and commercial policies – to shame.

Top business insurance questions and the answers you should expect to hear

Restaurant Insurance

Once cooking fixtures, guest area furniture, HVAC, and inventory has been purchased, you want to protect these assets. Unexpected events such as break-in, a fire, or flood could occur. Restaurant insurance is essential and it must be a policy which allows you to repair or replace any items that have been damaged or stolen.

Restaurant owners have a unique set of problems than most other enterprises. Not only do restaurant owners need general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance, they must also have property coverage, employment practices liability insurance, liquor liability coverage, coverage that will protect against identify theft, coverage for all valuable papers, and insurance for loss of income. If you have delivery staff or drivers, you need adequate vehicle insurance as well.

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