Empathy or Apathy?

A cautionary tale about why certain questions are so important when choosing an insurance broker.

“Eric” was in the business of acquiring and operating cell towers. At the moment, however, he was staring at an insurance check in horrified disgust. After a water pipe had burst in his office, shorting out a number of servers, he had filed a claim for $60,000 worth of damages under an insurance plan he had bought several years back. The check Eric had just received was for a mere $10,000; he would have to cover the remaining $50,000 out-of-pocket.

Eric realized that the salesman who had sold him the insurance simply didn’t care about the risks his growing company was facing—and additional ones it would face in the future. It seemed obvious that he had abandoned Eric once he had his commission.

Eric asked around for referrals for a new insurance company that would proactively help him manage his constantly evolving risk and Harrington Insurance was recommended. He invited Steve Harrington to meet for a risk assessment. After conducting a thorough review of his policies, Steve Harrington found that several new towers were operating with no coverage—and discovered that an employee who was driving for the company each day had a suspended driver’s license.

“An insurance broker should always keep on top of their clients’ business—whether that client has just one car, or a renter’s policy or they own a forest of cell towers and a fleet of vehicles,” says Steve. “We urge every one of our clients to spend a small amount of time with us when their policy is renewed each year to share any changes in their business, employees and assets so they know we have them covered. We are professional, efficient, and above all, empathetic; we understand the pain of insurance and make it easier to deal with.”

Top business insurance questions and the answers you should expect to hear

  1. Is my insurance company stable? Can I count on good service in handling a claim?
    “Is anybody there?” “Leave another message?” “What do you mean it’s not covered?” You never want to be asking these questions during a claim. Our carriers are rated in the top 15 in America. Our award-wining insurance agency has been in business since 1972…over 45 years. We work with you and the carrier throughout the claim. And, you have our direct number. Call anytime!
  2. What happens when I lose inventory or equipment?
    When a loss happens, big or small, you need to get back to work as soon as possible. We make sure your adjuster is on the job, with check in hand, so you can get the inventory back. We work with you and the carrier throughout the claim process.Damage to businesses covered by insurance from Harrington Insurance San Jose
  3. Does my broker have experience and thorough knowledge of my industry?
    Since 1972, Harrington Insurance has been specializing with businesses. Our assessment meetings with you continue every year because we want to protect your assets with the best deals possible that meet your changing needs. You’ll be impressed with the help we provide.
  4. Can I expect service when I call without waiting or leaving messages?
    You will have 24-hour access to claim services and bill pay. You will also have a direct phone number to the brokers and, of course, the staff. There is no call waiting. We pick up the phone!
  5. Can I really count on my insurance company if I get sued?
    We use only the top-rated companies, according to A.M. Best. You can rest assured that your insurance company will be able to pay your claim. And we’ll be by your side every step of the way.
  6. Suppose a fire closes down my business for a while — what about my income?
    Say a small fire causes your business to close for a few days. You still have to make payroll, pay the phone company and everything else. Don’t worry. Our assessment of your business considers all possibilities and those critical details that go along with them. You’re covered.

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