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Auto InsuranceLet’s face it, car accidents happen. Whether it be your fault or another person’s fault, what’s important is making sure you have quality auto insurance to protect you in these types of situations. Harrington Insurance Agency has been helping people get comprehensive and affordable car insurance in California since 1972. Based in San Jose, CA, we can help you with your insurance needs either locally or even across the United States. Read these customer stories and you will learn why so many people trust Harrington Insurance for their auto insurance needs.

Is That Your Final offer?

“Marina,” a Harrington Insurance client, called the office with a question. Her car had been totaled in a collision and the adjuster had just informed her that $8,000 was the maximum amount insurance would pay for it. The amount seemed low to Marina and she asked Harrington for help in disputing their offer.

Harrington staff researched what the car should be selling for given its mileage, condition and extras. While investigating how the adjuster had evaluated the car, they discovered that several items had been overlooked: a giant power sunroof, new tires and some mechanical work that had been done. After Harrington had a conversation with the adjuster, Marina received a revised offer of $9,000 the same day she had called.

“This is what we do for a client when they have a question about a claim,” says Steve Harrington. “If there are any problems whatsoever, we step up.”

A Rocky Road Trip

Harrington Insurance client “Ben” was excited about his upcoming trip along U.S. Highway 95, the only two-lane highway that runs through mostly rural western U.S. countryside, from Winnemucca, Nevada to Boise, Idaho. He began the trip at his Morgan Hill, California home and planned a leisurely drive to Boise, Idaho, where he intended to look for a place to eventually retire. Stocking up his Class A Winnebago diesel pusher motorhome with food and fuel, he was looking forward to fun attractions all along the way—ghost towns, hot springs and casinos.

Auto Insurance for cracked windshields from Harrington Insurance San Jose, CAWhat began as a relaxing journey hit a stressful detour when the tire of a truck up ahead hurled a rock into the Winnebago’s giant 3’x4’ windshield, which immediately spider-webbed. It is both illegal and dangerous to drive with a cracked windshield as it can implode from the air pressure created from driving at highway speeds—and Ben pulled into the closest RV campsite he could find. He called the company that covered his Winnebago that Harrington Insurance had found for him.

That same evening, a glass company arrived at the RV campground and changed the windshield. “Without the insurance, the repair would have cost Ben $600,” says Steve Harrington. “And to have it replaced that quickly was amazing service.”

Ben enjoyed the rest of his trip, reaching his final destination with no more bumps in the road.

What Are Your Auto Insurance Options?

Harrington Insurance Agency offers the following options for your auto insurance:

  • Bodily Injury Liability – Covers any injuries caused to others by the policyholder while using the vehicle
  • Medical or Personal Injury – Covers any injuries and treatment of anyone in the policyholder’s car
  • Property Damage Liability – Covers any damages caused to someone’s property by the policyholder while using the vehicle
  • Collision – Covers the policyholder from loss during an accident with another automobile or another object
  • Comprehensive – Insures the policyholder’s car from any damage that may happen from accidents other than auto collision
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage – Medical treatment coverage for the policyholder if they are ever in an accident with an uninsured driver

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