Finding the Right Home Insurance for You

Buying a home is stressful enough as it is, buying home insurance shouldn’t make the process even more complicated. Every homeowner has different needs to be met and different requirements for their lifestyle. Harrington Insurance Agency is here to help you understand the process behind buying homeowners insurance so your home can be covered for anything that comes up.

500 Cans of Beer on the Wall

500 types of beer cans collection insured by Harrington InsuranceThink the only destination for an empty beer can is the recycling bin? Think again. “Ken,” a connoisseur of antique beer cans, had stocked the walls of his home with a collection worth $250,000. Yet, he couldn’t get any of those large insurance companies, whose ads air constantly on TV, to cover it.

“These companies don’t have any selection — just one source—one coverage—one rate,” says Steve Harrington. “I like to say they only insure one flavor – vanilla.”

So what about unique people like Ken, whose flavor preferences are clearly not for vanilla and veer more towards malt or hops?

“As a broker, Harrington Insurance has access to options the ‘vanilla’ companies can only dream about,” says Steve. “We can offer dozens of different carriers with every flavor of coverage and rates you can imagine.”

Harrington Insurance offered Ken a choice of coverage options. He could purchase stand-alone coverage of the collection or to buy it as an endorsement to a homeowner’s policy. Not only can Ken enjoy coverage that he couldn’t find anywhere else, but he is also able to save almost 30 percent by packaging the collection with a homeowner’s policy. Ken soon gave Harrington Insurance all of his business.

Most of our Homeowners Insurance Packages Cover the Following:

  • Physical structure of your home
  • Replacement cost of your home
  • Any personal possessions in your home – we specialize in custom insurance for hobbies and special collections
  • Additional living expense that may incur
  • Liability

Looking for Extra Protection?

If you are looking for more security added to your home insurance policy, you came to the right place! Harrington Insurance Agency can write supplemental policies that can add that extra protection you are looking for.

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