Plan for a Rainy Day with Travel Insurance

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Plan for the Unknown with Travel Insurance

A question that vacationers often hesitate to ask themselves—possibly for fear of jinxing travel plans—is, “What could possibly go wrong?” In the last week, weather in the United States and Europe has provided several possible answers to that question.

When Tropical Storm Andrea climbed up the East Coast last week, it caused more than a dozen instances of flooding, storm surges and/or heavy rain in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. It also spawned 10 tornadoes in Florida alone.

This week, Colorado has been experiencing its most destructive forest fire in state history, with more than 360 homes—and counting—being reported destroyed near Colorado Springs.

And in Europe, several countries including Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic have been experiencing severe flooding, with some areas of Germany seeing their highest flood water levels in five hundred years.

Weather like this can shut down or divert flights, destroy hotels, hostels, and summer homes, or cause serious injury—and most health insurance policies do not cover treatment outside the United States. There are a huge variety of insurance policies available to cover costs incurred from these sorts of circumstances, some with more flexibility than others. Some allow travelers to cancel trips of their own accord due to ‘cold feet,’ without flights or accommodations being canceled due to severe weather, while others require actual cancellations before costs can be recovered.

Looking at just flight costs alone, round-trip tickets within the United States have been above $600 a ticket this summer, with flights to Europe costing double or triple that, there is reason to budget for insuring against the worst.