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Business Insurance That Covers Earthquake Damage

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Finding a Business Insurance Policy to help cover Damaging Earthquakes

One of the most debilitating events to your small business in an earthquake-prone zone would be to lose several of your key employees to injuries, especially those you may have avoided if you had taken some precautionary steps beforehand. CA insurance earthquake coverage is designed to help you recover from such a loss. However, you (and your employees) should be in a better position if you take a few steps to help prevent injuries occurring in the first place.

Inspect Your Place of Work for Accident Prone Areas

A very important topic relating to injuries in an earthquake-prone zone is falling objects. Simply put, if the objects don’t easily fall, there is much less chance for injury. Some items to inspect in your office are ceiling and light fixtures, picture frames and bulletin boards, as well as cabinets, drawers, and book cases. By making sure these potentially dangerous objects don’t collapse onto someone, you could greatly decrease the chance of injury during a moderate earthquake.

The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety has a number of good tips for reducing injuries and damage from quakes. When looking for financial coverage for earthquakes, contact our local CA insurance agent for advice and guidance in securing the most suitable policies for your business.