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Always Time to Think About Crop Insurance

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It May be Warm, but Now Is The Time To Think About Crop Insurance

In December 1990, California experienced its worst freeze since 1937, enduring two weeks of unusually cold temperatures, including four straight days below freezing in many parts of the state. It destroyed the following year’s citrus harvest, resulting in damages in excess of 1.5 billion dollars (not adjusting for inflation). A less severe freeze in 2007—in Merced Country, temperatures reached 21 degrees two days in a row—caused half a billion dollars in damage to the state’s crops.

This year, a third disaster was narrowly averted during a six day freeze, thanks to preventative measures taken by farmers. The ingenuity of crop growers is not to be underestimated, as shown by their ability to overcome the freeze. But there’s always another freeze around the corner. It isn’t a matter of if, but when the next catastrophe will strike.

Federal crop insurance does provide aid to farmers, but its budget has been cut by 12 billion dollars over the past five years , and proposed amendments to the Farm Bill—which recently failed to pass and is back to square one—would cut benefits further. As it is, most crops are only partially covered, and some are not eligible for federal protection at all.

Obtaining crop insurance through your insurer is one way to cover the ever-expanding gap between losses and what the federal government will cover in the event of the next inevitable freeze.

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Plan for a Rainy Day with Travel Insurance

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Plan for the Unknown with Travel Insurance

A question that vacationers often hesitate to ask themselves—possibly for fear of jinxing travel plans—is, “What could possibly go wrong?” In the last week, weather in the United States and Europe has provided several possible answers to that question.

When Tropical Storm Andrea climbed up the East Coast last week, it caused more than a dozen instances of flooding, storm surges and/or heavy rain in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. It also spawned 10 tornadoes in Florida alone.

This week, Colorado has been experiencing its most destructive forest fire in state history, with more than 360 homes—and counting—being reported destroyed near Colorado Springs.

And in Europe, several countries including Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic have been experiencing severe flooding, with some areas of Germany seeing their highest flood water levels in five hundred years.

Weather like this can shut down or divert flights, destroy hotels, hostels, and summer homes, or cause serious injury—and most health insurance policies do not cover treatment outside the United States. There are a huge variety of insurance policies available to cover costs incurred from these sorts of circumstances, some with more flexibility than others. Some allow travelers to cancel trips of their own accord due to ‘cold feet,’ without flights or accommodations being canceled due to severe weather, while others require actual cancellations before costs can be recovered.

Looking at just flight costs alone, round-trip tickets within the United States have been above $600 a ticket this summer, with flights to Europe costing double or triple that, there is reason to budget for insuring against the worst.

Getting the Best Rates with Your Insurance Policy

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How to know if you are getting good insurance rates

There are plenty of insurance policy discounts out there if you just know where to look. You may already be getting the best rate you possibly can, but there may be a few things you didn’t think to mention when applying for your insurance.

Few things that may help you qualify for a discount:

  • Living in a gated community. Insurance carriers like to know when people are being proactive against possible neighborhood crime. Living in a gated community shows your insurance carrier that you are taking a stand against possible break-ins and other types of criminal acts.
  • Being a non-smoker. Smoking not only hurts your health, but increases your insurance premiums in almost all your policies. Health related insurance like healthcare and life policies have lower rates for non-smokers because the probability of health related claims is greatly decreased. Homeowner’s insurance carriers offer lower rates to non-smokers because the risk of fire is greatly reduced.
  • Having an impact-resistant roof. You probably didn’t think to notify your homeowner’s carrier when you had your roof redone, huh? If you recently installed an impact-resistant roof you might get a discount. Any time you make any changes to your home, let your insurance agent know. Even just updating the wiring in your home might warrant a discount.
  • Being a good student. You may have heard that taking a driver safety course could reduce your premium. But did you know that if you are a good student in school you might be entitled to a lower rate as well? It’s definitely worth asking your insurance agent.

Of course every insurance company is different. Not every one offers the same discounts or rate reductions. Contact us to see if you qualify for any of the above policy credits.

Preventing The Flu Will Help With Health Insurance Costs

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The Flue Doesn’t Care if you Have Health Insurance or Not

Have you read the news about the flu outbreak this year? There have been at least 2 deaths reported in California alone with many more across the United States.The flu does not discriminate and has been affecting all ages of people. It is very important that we all try to protect ourselves from catching the flu this year and always.

Preventive Care with Flu Shots

If you have not done so yet, now is the best time to go get your flu shot. It is highly recommended by the Centers for Disease Control. If getting the shot is not your thing, definitely be very vigilant about health safety for yourself and your loved ones. Wash your hands as often as you can especially after using the bathroom, after sneezing or coughing and really any time they could use a good cleaning.

Take Care of Yourself & Do Not Spread It

If you are sick, it is important that you stay home. The only way to keep the virus from affecting other people is to stop it from spreading. By going into public when you are sick, you are making it very easy for the virus to continue on its devastating path. Without anywhere to go, it will run its course and die off without venturing to infect other people. Be sure to disinfect the surfaces you touch as well. Do not forget your computer keyboard, phone and remote controls, too!

Know the symptoms of the flu: headache, fever, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, cough, fatigue and sore throat. If you have these symptoms you should stay home and call your doctor. Not every illness is the flu, but it could be. You may have something else altogether. No matter what you have, it is important to get well. Take care of yourself and hopefully you will be back up and running in no time.

If you have questions in regards health insurance helping with flu shots, contact us today!

Quality Insurance is a Good Investment for your Quality Staff

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Protecting Your Business with Insurance is Good Investment

Property insurance coverage protects your investment in the physical assets of your business. If disaster strikes, insurance compensation can help make sure that business capital that has been earmarked for business development does not have to be spent to repair buildings and replace inventory that has been damaged or lost.

Making Sure Your Most Important Assets Are Protected: Your Staff

The people who work in your business are another vital asset. Are you investing in this important resource? Offering your workers benefits, such as health insurance, can reduce the number of sick days, and allow staff to address any health issues. Offering things like discount gym memberships can help retain the best employees, and keep them motivated.

It’s far more cost-effective to retain good staff than to have to hire and train new staff. A business that provides a supportive working environment, offers employees a career path and rewards workers for their contribution to business success is able to retain a team of motivated, productive workers.

Using financial tools like business insurance to protect your company’s investment in physical assets helps to ensure that your business can continue, despite setbacks like fires and other mishaps. Investing in your company’s human assets is another valuable way of ensuring business continuity.

Contact Harrington Insurance today so we can set up your staff with quality benefit packages.

Children’s Sport Medicine and Health Insurance

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You Child’s Emotions When Playing Sports

If you have kids in sports, you know that it can be an exhilarating experience for everyone involved. Emotions can fly around on the field as quickly as the players. Keeping your child’s emotions in check is just as important as teaching them the rules of the game. In fact, keeping emotions from becoming a problem IS one of the rules of the game – any game.

Sports are really great for kids – they keep them active, teach them a discipline and help promote teamwork. Kids these days are supposed to be exercising at least 60 minutes a day every day, so being in a sport is a great way to accomplish that. But when kids start getting angry on the field, it sort of defeats some of the purpose of the team. Playing dirty, name calling and intentionally fouling players is not the way any game should be played. Frustration sometimes happens; it’s how they deal with it that matters.

It is one thing to be determined, but it’s an entirely different thing when a player plays like he’s out to get someone. If you notice your child getting angry on the field, don’t encourage it. Let the referees call fouls without yelling at them when you know your child has done something he shouldn’t on the field. After the game, talk to him and find out what the problem might be. There may be something underlying that he is frustrated about. Try to help him work it out before the next game to prevent any future injuries or foul calls.

The best thing you can do is to support your child on and off the field. Talk with the coach about any concerns you might have. Your child should know that it is OK to play aggressively, but not to play dirty.

And to ensure your child has the best health insurance coverage available contact an agent at Harrington Insurance Agency.

Why Health Insurance is Considered an Investment

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Virgil, a famous poet of ancient Rome, was quoted as saying “The greatest wealth is health”. While his advice may be hundreds of years old, it is still quite accurate – nothing is more important than your health. Taking care of yourself in this day and age, however, has become an expensive luxury not everyone can afford. Do you have insurance? It may be the best thing for your health and wallet to obtain a policy.

The Rising Costs of Health Insurance in United States

The purpose of obtaining insurance is to keep the price of necessary medical care to a minimum. Consider all that is involved with an annual physical. You have to pay for the doctor’s time as well as blood work and various other labs. In the event that you require an EKG or another advance test, the costs rise even more. An injury or illness that requires a hospital stay could easily put an uninsured individual into financial turmoil.

The Real Danger of Not Having Regular Check ups

To avoid purchasing health coverage and high medical bills, some people simply avoid doctors’ offices and hospitals. This mistake could lead to dire consequences. The prevention and early detection of certain illnesses relies on regular health evaluations. High blood pressure, for example, could signal you are at risk for stroke, heart attack, and various other diseases. Finding this out at your next doctor’s appointment could give you a chance to take action to reduce your risk.

Are you in need of medical insurance? One of our experienced customer service agents at Harrington Insurance could help guide you in finding the right plan for your health and lifestyle so contact us today!

How Your Lifestyle Can Effect Your Health Insurance

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How Can My Lifestyle effect my Health Insurance?

There are many things you could do that are bad for your health. Some of the most harmful include smoking, and drinking excessively. Did you know that scientists have found a link between these two addictions? According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, people who are dependent on alcohol are three times more likely to be smokers, and people who are dependent on tobacco are four times more likely than the general population to be dependent on alcohol.

There are many disadvantages to smoking and excessive drinking. The medical consequences of such habits cannot be ignored. Various cancers have been linked to both alcohol and cigarettes, as have heart attack and stroke. It is important to kick such habits before your health is negatively affected, or your life is cut short.

You should also reflect on the risks you are taking with your relationships, both personal and professional. Taking frequent smoke breaks, especially in California workplaces that are smoke-free, could be impacting on your career prospects. Also consider also the economic impact of your habit.

Save Money on Health Insurance Premiums and More!

How much cash do you spend on alcohol or cigarettes? Are there areas where this money could be better spent, such as paying down your debt? Being a smoker or heavy drinker may also lead to being charged higher premiums for life and health insurance.

Understanding Health Insurance Costs

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What Exactly am I Paying for with my Health Insurance Policy?

hen deciding on the type of California health insurance that may be best for you and your family, it is as well to take the time to make sure you fully understand the financial implications of different policy choices. One of the areas which can cause confusion is choice of physician.

We Are Here to Help Clarify

Let’s see if we can help simplify this key element of health insurance. When you purchase a policy, you can choose to pay a higher or lower deductible. This is the amount you pay out-of-pocket before the insurance company starts to contribute.

What does “In Network/Out of Network” Mean?

When you want to visit a particular doctor, and he or she is not part of your insurance company’s network, you typically have to pay the deductible. Should you have chosen a higher deductible, then clearly it may cost more to see your physician of choice. On the positive side, your premium is likely to be lower.

On the occasions when your physician is part of your insurance company’s network, you typically pay less, or you may not be required to pay the deductible at all. In addition, the fees for various medical interventions have usually been agreed by the physician and the California health insurance company, as part of the participation agreement. This means there are less likely to be surprises or arguments about charges. How do you find one of these doctors? Your insurance company should provide details of its medical network when you have taken out a policy.

If you have any questions at all about your health insurance policy, be sure to contact us today!

Staying Fit with the Help of Health Insurance

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Health Insurance Can Help with Your Fitness Goals

Improving your health and fitness may enhance the golden years of your retirement, and could help minimize the need to call on your California health insurance. Retirement could be the opportunity to make your dreams come true, and you’ll want to be as fit as possible.

Great Ideas for Staying Fit

This is more than popping a few vitamin pills every day, although that might help in some cases. There are a number of ways to help maintain or even increase fitness post-retirement.

Taking up pilates or yoga might improve your agility, flexibility and core muscle strength. These exercises have the advantage of being widely available, typically inexpensive and, due to their popularity, classes are usually available for all ages and abilities. Another advantage may be that they do not require the purchase of expensive equipment or special clothing.

Perhaps you feel you might be better suited to something a little more active? Tennis or golf might appeal. Although they may be a little more expensive in terms of clothing and equipment, they too are widely played and by all ages.

Joining a class or a club may also have the associated benefit of widening your social circle. An active social life is often said to be supportive of continued good health and general engagement in life. With health and fitness taken care of, hopefully it might be a long time before you need to call on your California health insurance for anything major.