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RE: Plan for a Rainy Day with Travel Insurance

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Sometimes, what you write can turn out to be far more timely than intended or anticipated. Last month, we wrote a blog post about the importance of travel insurance (“Plan for a Rainy Day”), citing recent events such as the fires in Colorado and the effects of Tropical Storm Andrew on the East Coast. Weather is something that can be anticipated, even if the specifics are unknown ahead of time. But some things simply cannot be expected.

This was tragically illustrated on Saturday, when Asian Flight 214 crashed at San Francisco Airport, killing two and injuring 168. It was the first accident at SFO resulting in the deaths of passengers in nearly 60 years. Hundreds of flights were cancelled, and many more around the country were delayed and/or rerouted.

But obviously, the greatest effects are those felt by the family and friends of the passengers on that flight, and our thoughts and best wishes go out to them at this time. We hope that you’ll extend the same to them.

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Travel Insurance for Your Baggage

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Can Travel Insurance Cover Baggage and Luggage too?

An 18th Century cello bow worth $20,000. Several custom and vintage Gibson guitars, some worth several thousand dollars. A volume of the Book of the Kells, a 9th century illustrated manuscript. A $30,000 cello. $8,000 in professional camera equipment. A $10,000 insulin pump.

What do they all have in common?

They were all damaged or destroyed on airline flights, by baggage handlers, or TSA agents. In many instances, airlines take little or no responsibility for damage to fragile equipment on airline flights. Even if compensation is obtained, it may be only a small percentage of the value of the item, or in the form of flight vouchers. This is more than a tiny bit problematic if a destroyed item is necessary for you to do your job, or even necessary in order to live (as in the case of the insulin pump). Even if you are one of the fortunate few to receive full compensation, it may take months. Most cannot afford to cover the necessary costs in order to resume ordinary life while they haggle with the legal system.

What can be done to avoid this? Some travel insurance policies cover the loss or damage of the contents of baggage, though the amount of coverage differs from policy to policy. More specifically, professional musical instruments can be specifically insured against damage or destruction. Similar coverage is available for some medical equipment as well.

And it goes without saying that if you’re packing priceless works of art in your baggage, you really should make a point of contacting your insurance agent…

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Plan for a Rainy Day with Travel Insurance

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Plan for the Unknown with Travel Insurance

A question that vacationers often hesitate to ask themselves—possibly for fear of jinxing travel plans—is, “What could possibly go wrong?” In the last week, weather in the United States and Europe has provided several possible answers to that question.

When Tropical Storm Andrea climbed up the East Coast last week, it caused more than a dozen instances of flooding, storm surges and/or heavy rain in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. It also spawned 10 tornadoes in Florida alone.

This week, Colorado has been experiencing its most destructive forest fire in state history, with more than 360 homes—and counting—being reported destroyed near Colorado Springs.

And in Europe, several countries including Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic have been experiencing severe flooding, with some areas of Germany seeing their highest flood water levels in five hundred years.

Weather like this can shut down or divert flights, destroy hotels, hostels, and summer homes, or cause serious injury—and most health insurance policies do not cover treatment outside the United States. There are a huge variety of insurance policies available to cover costs incurred from these sorts of circumstances, some with more flexibility than others. Some allow travelers to cancel trips of their own accord due to ‘cold feet,’ without flights or accommodations being canceled due to severe weather, while others require actual cancellations before costs can be recovered.

Looking at just flight costs alone, round-trip tickets within the United States have been above $600 a ticket this summer, with flights to Europe costing double or triple that, there is reason to budget for insuring against the worst.